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Uttar-Purva Gujarat Uchcha Kelavani Mandal, Pilvai

Mehana District situated Pilvai hamlet possesses radiant educational tradition and annals. Once there had been the facilities of Primary and Secondary education in this educationally backward Pilvai but it was devoid of sources of higher education. Higher education facilities had been meagre not only in Vijapur Taluka but also in whole Mehsana District. Such circumstances made progressive minded brilliant students leave their study incomplete in spite of their ambition to get higher education. It roused a great worry for the advocates of higher education of this area.
Nevertheless, the pioneers of higher education and natives of this area made up their minds to initiate sources of higher education here. One of such pioneers was Mr. Chhaganbhai Patel. He was a man of towering educational personality. At that time, he was the Principal of G.C. High School, Pilvai and had been awarded with “President Award” due to his educational achievements. His resolute determination inspired some well to do people of this area. The result was that the contemporary Sarpanch Shri Nenaji Gamirji Vihol, having taken the consent of Pilvai Village, endowed 100 Bigha of pasture land with donation of Rs. 21,001/- to establish an institution for higher education. The stream of donations became affluent. The Uttar Purva Gujarat Uchcha Kelavani Mandal, then, came into existence. Contemporary business tycoons Seth Shri Vadilal Chunilal Shah and Seth Shri Mangaldas Ranchhoddas Shah had generously donated for the same. Another philanthropic person Mr. Govindram Umedram Panchal of Pundhra Village, donated Rs. 1,00,511/- to entitle the Arts College as Umedram Panchal Arts College to cherish his father’s memory. In addition to it, he donated another amount of Rs. 100511/- to entitle the Science College as Maniben Govindram Science College in order to cherish memory of his beloved wife. Thus, the contribution of Mr. Govindram Panchal Stood outstanding to initiate higher education facility in this area. All these sources embodied the college for higher education. Then Seth Shri Shivlal Nirantbhai Brahmbhatt and Seth Dayabhai Jesingbhai of Changod Village had generously donated Rs. 12001/- to establish “Bhaiba College Library.” There lies an interesting incident behind it: Mr. Govindram Panchal had employed a charwoman Girijaben Badheka to do household works. That lay woman donated all her saved amount for the establishment of this library in order to make facility for poor students to get books free of charge. And therefore, this section of library has been given her name: ‘Shri Girijaben Badheka Poor Boys’ Library.’
With college, hostel facility is inevitable, and for that purpose a generous soul Mr. Chhaganbhai Kalidas Patel added his own Rs.5000/- in addition to the amount of Rs. 20,000/- which he had received as an award during his celebration of completion of 60 years of age and thus he donated Rs. 25,000/- for the construction of new block of hostel. This newly built block had been given his name “Shri Chhaganbhai Kalidas Patel sasthipurti Hostel”. Then to cherish memory of his beloved mother, Seth Shri Govindram Bapuji Brahmbhatt generously donated Rs. 25,000/-.
In 1980 some another portion of nector was poured. Seth Shri Vrijlal Lallubhai Shah generously donated Rs. 1,00,511/- to introduce facility for higher education in Commerce Faculty and the college with title “Shri V.L. Shah Commerce College” took birth. In 1983, huge donation of Rs. 3,11,001/- from Shri Bhaishanker Nanalal Raval of Lodra Village Government aided I.T.I. institution was established. Mr. B.N. Raval had donated this huge amount to cherish memory of his late father and therefore, the I.T.I. was given the name : Shri Nanalal Ranchhoddas Raval Industrial Training Institute. Thus, with the course of time, this Uttar Purva Gujarat Uchcha Kelvani Mandal carried on making progress in new directions. With the huge donation of Dr Dilipbhai and Shri Dineshbhai of Rs 7,51,000, Dr Vadilal Ravchand Shah B.Ed.College (Self finance)  was established to quench the requirement of the local students.
No doubt, it has remained a forte of this Uttar Purva Gujarat Uchcha Kelvani Mandal as it has been presided over and guided by sighted and virtuous secretaries. Mr. C.K. Patel has spared his prolonged and unforgettable services to this Mandal as a founder secretary. With the course of time, each existing president instilled vitality and progress to this Mandal. Among them H.H. Shri Balramdasji of Lodra, Shri Ramchandra J. Amin, Shri Navnitlal Vadilal Shah are the Presidents, whose contribution has remained notable. Moreover, the respected persons who have spared their valuable services as vice president or secretaries are : Mr. Mansinghbhai Patel of Charada, Shri Shankarlal Kalidas Vyas, Shri Trikamlal Bhudhardas Panchal, Shri Maneklal Jethalal Dave, Shri Chunibhai Ganeshbhai Patel, Shri A.K. Patel, Shri Gangaram Chunilal Raval, Shri Bhaishankar Nanalal Raval, Shri Navnitlal Mangaldas Shah, Shri Ranchhodbhai Haribhai Patel, Shri Pravinbhai G. Brahmbhatt, Shri Ramanbhai V. Patel. The Uttar Purva Gujarat Uchcha Kelvani Mandal will remain obliged to all these abovementioned honourable persons for their honest and virluous services.
Presently Shri Harikrushnabhai G. Panchal has been sparing his services as a President of the Mandal. Furthermore, Shri Pravinbhai P. Vyas(Secretary), Dr. Tribhovanbhai M. Patel(Secretary), Shri Amrutbhai D. Patel(Secretary) and Shri Mukeshkumar R. Vihol(Secretary) are the personalities to guide the path of progress and success.