Pilvai College Vartul

Pilvai College Vartul– The Student-Alumni Association
 Ever since establishment of the college alumni-units of the different subjects of three faculties had been formed for curricular activities but the sphere of these activities was very limited and slow motioned. Dr.Sanjay Shah, on assuming the duties as the as the Principal, revived all these units making them ‘Alumni-Centred and alumni impetus, and then the unit was baptized Pilvai College Vartul.

The Pilvai College Vartul is aimed at exposing and embodying & the students’ potentiality and creativity in true sense. Not only the awareness but also versatility must have blossomed in alumni – is the only aim of the Pilvai College Vartul. The vartul means spherical activities. The Pilvai College Vartul can be defined as a group of alumni to do noble and spread noble courses.

At present, this tri-faculty college has 16 vartuls. Each subject has a vartul. The alumnus of each subject is the member of the subject of the vartul. Exclusive fees Rs. 50 is collected from alumnus to be the member of the vartul when he / she is admitted in the beginning of the academic year. It is obvious when an alumnus pays some amount to be the member of the vartul, he/she remains aware, a wake and active regarding the function of the vartul and he/she is spontaneously lured to be involved in the various activities of the vartul.

Each vartul rans a wallpaper. This wallpaper is somewhat like a pamphlet of the subject. This wallpaper contains creative articles, poetry and compiled items, which is equally proved useful to alumni. A compilation body of the student is formed for the regular issue of the wallpaper. The culled matter is orderly set before it is exhibititted.  At the end of the year two masterpieces are called by the teacher and duly awarded. Thus, this wallpaper activity is pregnant with the element of the competition, which obviously arouses the student curiosity.

In addition to wall paper, a number of varied activities take place under the title of the Pilvai College Vartul i.e.  seminars, workshop, debate, elocution competition, poem reciting, shloka chanting and quiz. Moreover, resourced persons of the different subject are invited to deliver lectures; sometimes picnics and celebration of birthdays are enjoyed. The Pilvai College Vartul also celebrates the welcome of the first year students and farewell of the final year students. The teachers provide a ‘generating force’ to these vartuls. At the end of the year, students, playing an active role in keeping the wheel of the vartul moving smoothly, are duly awarded.

Other unit of the Pilvai College Vartul is Alumni Association. After the study, each student will become a permanent member of the Alumni Association of the Institution.

The following are the constitution, aims and motives of this association is as under.

Constitution :-

  1. The Teachers, Alumni and students under the guidance of the Principal will run the Pilvai College Vartul.
  2. The Pilvai College Vartul will consist of the subject wise vartul as mentioned below in which necessary changes can be made unanimously.
  3. The head of each department will be In charge of the vartul of the relevant subject.
  4. The executive committee of the Pilvai College Vartul will be formed as under.
  • Principal ( Co-ordinator)
  • The In charge of the subject vartul
  • Two student representatives from each subject vartul.
  1. The executive committee will take all the decisions by majority.
  2. The students of the college will be given membership if they voluntarily pay the fees of Rs.50 per term. This fee can be changed with a consensus as per the requirement.
  3. An account of the college will opened in Bank of india, Pilvai jointly in the names of the Principal and a Senior Teacher.
  4. The accounts of the Pilvai College Vartul will be presented before the executive committee and the Alumni Association after being audited by the internal auditor.
  5. The other unit of Pilvai College Vartul is Alumni Association. After the study, each member of Vartul will automatically become a permanent member of the Alumni Association.

Constitution of Alumni Association:

  • The following Executive Committee will be appointed for administration of the Alumni Association.
  • The Executive Committee shall consist of 11 members. 9 members of the Executive Committee will be nominated by the Annual General Meeting. Out of these members, Annual General Meeting will nominate one President, one Vice-president and two Secretaries as office-bearers. Other two members will be the Principal and one senior teacher of the institute.
  • The period of Executive Committee and office-bearers is for one year.
  • The Alumni Association will play supportive role for the Pilvai College Vartul. It will work for the betterment of the students, teachers and Institution.

Motives :

  • To organize seminars, workshops, group discussions/Poetry recital, debate / Reading Competition, quiz, etc., which will be relevant to syllabus and will be organized by students.
  • To organize cultural activities, and sport activities. To organize tour, visits and training.
  • To run the wallpapers of all subject Vartul.
  • To reward the student for activities and for better performance in examination.
  • To prepare board to display the names of the bright students who have performed excellently in University examinations.
  • To provide the students with every kind of material requirement for their development and to encourage them.
  • To carry out the activities of social uplift.
  • The alumni association will help students by their expert lectures, support in placement, financial support to increase facilities.