Community Science Centre & Science Society

“Let Science Prevail”

The base of the all round development of any society is on the fact that how many persons with scientific attitude are there in it. That is why in most of the developed countries persons in great number pursue their study in science and technology.

The science faculty of our college is the foremost in whole Gujarat. Our principal, Dr.S.S.Shah, has taken up the gauntlet to spread science in society and especially among the rising generation. As a result of this foresight of his ambition, a dream of Community Science Centre has come true. The management and the staff has extended willing co-operation in getting it started. With the financial aid by Gujarat Council on Science and Technology (GUJCOST), a Taluka level Community Science Center (CSC) has been established at our college since April, 2004, and it has won an immense popularity and favour of the neighbouring educational institutions.

The aim of the establishment of such a center is to stress the prevalence of science and scientific views, which are important for the progress of the country.

The following are the aims and objectives of the CSC :

  • To organize practical workshops in order that science and scientific views may be aroused and promoted in the tender minds of primary and secondary school pupils.
  • To construct a bridge of accessible ideas between the school and college teachers through seminars, camps and workshops with a view to exchanging scientific opinions and guesses too.
  • To stir social awareness regarding harmful admixture in edible items (food adulteration), environmental balance, superstitions, avoidance of abortion and upliftment of the society through street-plays, seminars and workshops.
  • To establish and develop a permanent exhibition at headquarter of CSC exhibiting charts and different interesting and enjoyable models based on scientific principles.
  • To guide and direct the teachers and the students during the science fair held at the Taluka and the District level and also to exhibit charts and different models based on scientific principles in these fairs.
  • To provide an experiment kit containing required equipments and chemicals in order that the pupils of the primary section can perform an experiment independently.