• A Huge Green Campus
    • 49 acres land
    • More than 5000 trees
    • Botanical Garden (Poly House)
  • Administrative building
  • Arts building
  • Science building
  • Commerce building
  • Central Library building
  • Principal bungalow
  • Staff Quarters
  • Sports Infrastructure & Gymnasium
  • Boys Hostel Building
  • Women Hostel Building
  • Water Supply Cite
  • Swarnim Smarak
  • NCC/NSS/Sports Offices
  • Girl’s Rooms
  • Canteen

(Bhaiba Central Library and Girijaben Badheka Poor Boys Library)

Arts and Science College was established in June 1960 by Uttar Purva Gujarat Uchcha Kelvani Mandal, Pilvai, with kind co-operation of academic minded donors. Having provided higher education facilities to rural students, the Management felt inevitability of well equipped library for the college and the Management persuaded contemporary academic minded industrialists and tycoons to donate generously for the college library. The millionaires of Changod village Mr. Shivlal Nirant Brahmbhatt and Mr. Dahyabhai Jesingbhai Bhrahmbhatt generously donated Rs. 12001/- for the same, and thus, Bhaiba Central Library assumed a form. In addition to it, ‘Girijaben Badheka Poor Boy Aiding Library’ was also established at the same time.

The history of the ‘Poor Boy Aiding Library’ is quite interesting and inspiring too. During the early period of the establishment of this library, the Management had initiated ‘Alumni Relief Fund’ in order that the poor and middle class alumni might get books free of cost. To encourage and support such a noble act, Madam Girijaben Badheka broke the ice with donation of Rs.5001/-. Financially Girijaben Badheka was no well to do. She had been serving as a charwoman at the generous millionaire Mr. Govingbhai Panchal’s household. She had preserved the remuneration the she had earned through her job. No sooner did she come to know about the Alumni Relief Fund than she betowed all the accumulated remuneration. She has saved with a cherished hope that the poor alumni might get books free of cost and make the future happy. What a noble and philanthropic lady! ! We still bow our head to such a noble deed. Thus, the Poor Boy Library came into existence.

With the course of time, the library enriched due to periodic grants by UGC, the college received a special grant to build up a separate building for the library; and a separate library building with all necessary facilities assumed a form. At present the library enjoys a forefront place among all the North Gujarat University affiliated college libraries.

The Bhaiba Central Library is an oasis for frifaculty college alumni to quinch their thirst of knowledge. This library is enriched with 38 thousand books. It is equipped with not only text books and reference books of the deferent subjects but also research journals, dictionaries and encyclopedias. Both alumni and teachers use to take advantage of it. The rare and valued books are available here.

The infrastructure of the library is quite satisfactory too. Classified cupboards for classified subject, chairs, tables, windy hall, fans, neatness, active and guiding librarian and obedient peon are the ingredients that make a reader read curiously and quietly. Apart from textbooks-reference books, leading dailies in vernacular and English, magazines, periodicals, research journals are available here. The issues of newly introduced journals or newly published books are displayed in the showcase. The library also possesses a separate audiovisual room and a computer. A large number of regular readers are increasing gradually. The alumnus has to sign a register before entering the library. Two tickets are issued to each alumnus to borrow books on which he / she can keep books for fifteen days. After the completion of the period, books can be renewed if an alumnus wishes. The poor alumnus is provided with the whole set of books of the syllabus from the Poor Boy Aiding Library. Such an alumnus has to fill in a form with income evidence before getting books free of cost. Thus, for a poor and needy alumnus, this library is a boon.

To keep a pace with fast developing age, we are to computerize the library shortly. The procedure for the same is in full swing.